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IDC Releases Report Analyzing Lucid Imagination

July 23rd, 2012 | Posted by jasmine in Analysis | business model | Open Source Search | search

The IDC, a global provider of market intelligence for the information technology field, recently released the first of a series of reports analyzing open source search vendors. The company analyzed in the first report was Lucid Imagination, a commercial search vendor with strong venture backing, revenue growth, and a full-time professional open source search technology team. The IDC report presents new information plus an informed analysis of the LucidWorks’ technology.

The research and analysis for the report was conducted by several members of the IDC research team including Research Vice President Sue Feldman and Research Manager Dave Schubmehl as well as members of the ArnoldIT research team including Constance Ard and Dr. Tyra Oldham.

In order to provide a thorough analysis of the firm’s business model, the team of expert researchers interviewed principals of Lucid Imagination, conducted a technical analysis of the Lucid technology platform, and used a range of data analysis methods to pinpoint key information from open source content.

Stephen E Arnold, who contributed to the analysis, said:

The landscape of search has been reworked in the last 36 months. Proprietary technology vendors now find that open source search and content processing solutions have emerged as an alternative to the technology available from such companies as Autonomy (Hewlett Packard), Endeca (Oracle), Exalead Dassault Systèmes, Fast Search (Microsoft), InQuira (Oracle), and RightNow (Oracle). IDC’s research initiative in this area breaks new ground and sets the stage for deeper strategic analyses. Sue Feldman and her team are among the first of the blue chip consulting firms to put open source search in a business context.

This is just the first of a series of reports on open source search vendors. I’m looking forward to seeing what else IDC researchers have in store. For additional information about the for-fee report visit IDC’s “Get Doc” online service or visit the company’s Web site.

Jasmine Ashton, June 23, 2012

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