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Possible Future for the iPod Touch

September 25th, 2012 | Posted by jasmine in branding | Mobile | News | Smartphone

With all the uproar over the release of Apple’s iPhone5 and the potential introduction of a smaller iPad, a unique member of the iPod family may be poised for a new identity.

The iPod Touch, which can do almost everything an iPhone can do, except make and receive calls, should really be reconsidered as the smallest of Apple’s iPad line, asserts Peter Burrows in a recent Tech post for Bloomberg News, “Should Apple Rebrand the iPod Touch as a New iPad?”

The article states:

“If Apple made the iPod Touch an iPad, it could treat the iPod category as what it is: a slowing market on auto-pilot. After all these years, there’s still no real competition in dedicated portable music players, and therefore no pressing need for Apple to continue to invest much in this brand. Rather than remain the big fish in a shrinking pond, the iPod Touch would benefit from — and contribute to – Apple’s massive iPad marketing campaign.”

Burrows sees the device as an entry-level iPad for kids—it has texting capabilities, but with a WiFi –only version, no expensive data plans until it’s really needed.

Some of the commenters on Burrows’ piece note that it’s exactly how they have been using their own iPod Touches—and avoiding a costly upgrade to a smartphone.

Laura Abrahamsen, September 25, 2012

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